Club Meeting at Kirsten & Karsten Pultz 4/17/1999

Thanks to Kirsten & Karsten for a great meeting, I will definitely be back next year.

I drove from home without excacly knowing where the meeting was. Luckily I spotted a P1800 and followed it directly to the meeting. Later I found out it was Remi.

H.K.'s beautiful ES'er witch we later examined to anwser a question at the competition.

A total of 7 Volvo 1800's showed up. Kirsten and Karsten's 1800 was in the garage with a blown engine.

Nice car, dead engine.

Later we drove to Randers to get some food. The green 1800 in the driveway belongs to Stig

I bet thoose bumpers would fit better on my car.

Showoff at Kosters bookshop, where I got my self an original salesbrouchure from 1962.

After we've eaten I got a ride with Remi back to my borring Volvo 240.

And that ended that saturday among good old Volvo's.