General meeting 5/8/1999 on Fyn.

This years general meeting took place in a little town called Veflinge on the island Fyn. I choose to show up to meet the other members from the Volvo 1800 Club that I had not yet met.
Later I found out that it can be a little dangerous to show up, espcially when the committee needs new people. I was elected as substitute, but at least I didn't get the post as president witch almost were left empty. This went to Carsten Hansen after some persuasion.
As the pictures tells, a nice amount of people showed up
After we had eaten, we drove out to see a carhire-shop witch had a lot of special cars.

All the 1800's were parked next to each other, my rusty Volvo 240 was not worthy to be in this lineup.
John's car is absolutly the finest P1800 I have yet seen. It really looked like a brandnew car.

A total of 3 ES's and 6 of the "right" ones showed up.

We had a little rain that day. The car in front of me belongs to the new president.

A step into USA.

I wounder if this one is ever rented...

This was the longest limo at home, usually they have a 9 meter limo, but it was rented when we got there.

I wish I had a garage like this.