Status at 2/7/1999

I'm now in the process of demounting the car, and put all the pieces into boxes.
This is where you quickly realize, that somekind of system and labeling is necessary.
I have started grinding the inside floor, and let me tell ya, its a wery dusty task.

By now I have demounted most of the interioer and now only the tricky parts remains. After the grinding I plan to pull the engine and do the engine and luggage compartment. It does not seem to cause problems, as it all looks pretty healthy there.
Here you can see how the work progresses. I'll have to sandblast the places I can't reach with the bristle.
Well how do one get thoose crome thingies off, I guess I'll have to wait until the rubber comes off to find out.
Yikes, there's some rust around this hole. It's propably from the original bumpers but was later covered with padding and paint.
I'll wait with the doors untill the body all grinded and primed.
What can I say, this the my car now :)
The luggage compartment has been converted to a toolbox.
It's nice with some space.
The tires that were on when I bought it, were rotten. As I also wanted some wider rims, I began to investigate what rims was available for the P1800. I found out that Ford Mustang rims should fit, and I bought some 6,5 inch. I tried them on, and they fitted perfectly and the car looks better with them on.