Status at 3/19/1999

The windows and the dash are now removed, for the last of the inside to be grinded.
All holes inside the car have been covered, and are now ready to be sandblasted.

The bag contains the wiring harness. After theese pictures all holes was covered. Hopefully im gonna grinde, sandblast and prime all of the inside within my spring vacation.
Hmmmm, I wounder when this car will be back on the streets.
When the inside is done, my plan is to pull the engine. The engine compartment looks fairly easy to do, at least there is no visible rust. Looks like a cleaning, some grinding and some paint will do.
This is my nasty dash. As I don't have a diagram I had to draw one myself. Beside that I have made small stickers to tell witch wire goes to what instrument. The dash looks to be OK, beside from the cover that needs to be changed. Abvious this is a common problem on the 180 model.
Well, this corner was a bit rusty, and when I grinded it I went through. This needs to be welded, but I cant do that now. The insurance for this building says: no welding in old cars, so I have to have all the welding done at my uncles place before its painted.