Status at 8/22/1999

After a wellearned summervacation, I have again begun my work with my car.
The engine have been pulled and the inside have been paintet. Now I'm stating to do engine and luggage compartments.

The gasoline tank has been removed, now I have plenty of space to grind. So far I have made serval holed that also needs to be welded.
This is the result after the inside got painted.
Next task is enginecompartment, maybe I need a little proffesional help to get it dissasembled right.
I had my uncle to help me pull the engine.
We did it in 1 hour with the gearbox still on.
Tomorrow I'm gonna get my dashboard sandblasted and painted. It will get a new cover and the I'll put the instruments back in.
Got done with the luggage compartment. Some places needs welding. At least its still modest what I found of rust.