Status at 11/9/1999

Yeah I know its been awhile since last update.
The things that have happend since is that I have gotten my dash done. I have bought some original bumpers (still need the rear though) and I have made an apointment about when the car will be welded. Its gonna be in between christmas and newyear.
Like that wasnt enough I have also bought another Volvo 240 because the other one was to rusty to fix.
There is still some things I need to get done before I'm going back to my P1800 project.
My carport have been undergoing the transformation into a garage but still needs a gate and some minor work.

2 1800's showed up, I could hear them a mile away, and had to direct them to my house.
Later we drove out to take a look at my project.
The following day I was wery motivated and desided to work on my engine compartment. I took a bunch of pictures to make sure I can put it all back in the right manner.
It was a releife not to find any more rust. Soon it will be ready for my uncle to weld.
Remi kinda hit my neighbours car when he drove home. But who cares, that ain't a 1800!
Kirsten & Karsten hit this rock when they drove home. Do all 1800 drivers drive that bad ? well I guess I'll find out sometime.
Here is some of the parts I have gotten painted, soon I'll also get my gasoline tank.
Theese bumpers got really nice after 2 hours of rubbing them with a rag.
Thats how a dash can look if you deside to put a new cover on. Its really nice. Notice the hole where the clock was located ?
It was replaced with a termometer by one of the previous owners. I have contacted him and was told he still have the original clock at his ceiling. He will send it to me when he finds it.
Thanks in advance Claus.