Status at 1/29/2000

I'm sorry for the long time since last update, but I have been really busy with misc. Volvo problems. What have happend since last time can best be described as one bad surprice after another.
First my digital camera stopped working, then the engine in my 240 gave up. And then my gasoline tank was full of holes after I had it sandblasted.

Well, at least I'm back on track now with the help of Karsten Pultz who helped me with the tank and the blown head in my 240. While he was at it he also fixed my gearbox, but the camera I fixed myself :)

More possitive is that the car have been welded. I have adjusted dors and hoods and now my car are ready for a paintjob.

Karsten fixed my gearbox. I was the mainaxel that was worn, he took another from a M40 box from a Volvo Amazon.
Finally able to hold gas!
Again thanks to karsten for risking his life by welding my tank. In case you ever get same problem, here is how you should do it if you wanna continue living.
- Wash it out multible time with water.
- Wait until newyears eve, put a long string down it.
- Light the string and seek cover.
- If you still have a tank after the string have burned down, it's ready to be welded.
The luggage compertment was grinded down and I mounted doors and hoods. The it was taking to my uncles to be welded. He spend a week welding it, without finding anything beoynd the rust I was aware off.
Following things have been welded:
- Left fender right in front of door.
- Both doors, holes to mirrors was closed.
- Windowframe in front.
- Some holes in floor.
- Some other places below.
- Some places in the luggagecompartment.
- Holes to rear bumper.
- Hood, where attached to the hinges.
Like you can see I still believe I can find the rear bumper, the holes are there, now I just need the bumper.
I had success making the doors open and close reallt good. The chrome trim on the doors and fender is also lines up better now.