Status at 3/24/2000

At last I got the car painted, I got it from the paintshop the 3/9 and started to assemble it the same evening I got it home. Since then I have used almost every evening in compagny with my car, but who cares when you can see the end closing in. It might not look like much work are needed now but let me tell you it takes forever to line up doors, hoods and trims when you need to take speciel care not to scratch the paint.
My plan are to get it done by April when the first 1800 meeting are hold, it looks like I'm gonna make it.

Unless I'm doing something stupid, like dropping the engine down the fender or something like that, this will be my last update before the car is back on the street.

Talk about fresh paint. I chose a blue that was a little darker than before, its a Mazda color called 20P.
Like you can see there is a door missing, I got that a week later as they dropped it on the floor and had to repaint it.
I started to assemble the rearend. Then the plan is to do lights, dash, trims, engine compartment in this order.
When I'm putting things back on, it takes forever because I have to be wery carefull not to destroy the paintjob.