The End!

Thats it, the car have been put back together. It's been a tough month where I have been working nearly every evening.

After I brought it back from the paintshop I spend 14 days putting back parts. The 26 March it was ready for the engine to be put back in. When the engine was put in, it started right up and we then bleed the brakes and adjusted the clutch. When I tried the light there was a couple of faults, bacause I had switched some wires when I connected the dash. When I was suppose to be adjusting the interiorlight, I was adjusting the headlight, kinda funny but hardly legal. I got it corrected the following day along with some other minor faults in the wiring harness.

The 28 March I got the windows back in and took it for its first ride in 1 1/2 year. I found some things weren't working as it should but I wasnt that much. The overdrive was suddently out of order, it worked fine when I drove it home. Some wiered noices from the rearaxel or thereabout. Some red light in the speedometer suddently flared up because of a broken wire. The clutch also suddently broke out of adjustment and had to be readjusted because a rod wasnt in excacly the right place to start with. After some small fixes I thought it was fairly reliable adn drove it to be inspected the following day.

After some knocking and inpecting they concluded that the breakes was uneven and had to be fixed. Beside that he found that the safetybelts and mirrors wasn't quite OK. When I got back I called Karsten Pultz and he offered to help me fix it right away, thinking it could pass inspection the day after.

I drove to Randers and fixed the car with help from Karsten, and it passed inspection the next day. Then I went out for the plates and was ready for the weekend.

Now its been driving without problems ever since and have just hit 650 km on the clock.
Well, I believe the sun is shining again outside, better go for a ride....

To the left you can see my next project.
Its a '64 from California without rust wahtsoever. It "just" needs to be painted and assembled.
I bought it back in October '99 and calculate to be busy with it for maybe the next 5 years.
Ofcourse Im gonna keep you updated here at my pages, so you better stick around!