10/23/1998 The acquisition of my Volvo P1800.
02/07/1999 The work has begun and the first results has started to show.
03/19/1999 The inside grinding is just about done.
05/29/1999 The floor got some primer and grinding outside has begun.
06/11/1999 The windowframes was sandblasted as the weather allowed outdoors work.
08/22/1999 Engine and fueltank has been pulled out, and grinding of the trunk has started.
11/9/1999 A lot have happend since last update. I have had some "P1800 stockcar driving" friends over, and have had enough work to do with my own P1800.
1/29/2000 The car are now welded and ready to a paintjob, in the meantime I'm doing some of the small parts.
3/24/2000 Finally, the car is painted. Now I'm busy with the assembly.
4/5/2000 The end! the car is driving again, a long project is over.